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Buy Purple Haze in Adelaide

Buy Purple Haze in Adelaide With a THC content of 18%, this Sativa dominant hybrid delivers a potent euphoric high that has the tendency to produce creative ideas, including artistic and athletic inspiration. Weed Adelaide.  If you find yourself feeling hungry, it’s likely due to the cerebral stimulation. While this strain is one of the most potent sativas on the market, it’s also very mellow. You can expect Purple Haze to make you feel like a million bucks while providing a peaceful, calm, and happy high. Buy Buds Adelaide. When smoked, the smoke is extremely smooth and tastes of berry and citrus. Weed Adelaide

Flavor & Aroma

The Purple Haze Strain has a very fruity and berry-like flavor that is a cross between the classic berry and grape flavors of the original Haze strain and the more exotic flavors of the original Purple Thai strain. These buds are not overly sour or acidic, but rather have a sweet and sour flavor that makes them very enjoyable to smoke.

As the buds of Purple Haze are broken down and consumed, they release a strong, musky, and earthy scent. This is a unique aroma that is not typically associated with Sativa strains, but rather with Indica strains.


Purple Haze Weed has a potent high that makes users feel stimulated, creative, and inspired. The energetic, cerebral nature of this strain will cause users to become extremely active.  While this strain can make users anxious and agitated, it can also help them relax and reduce stress. You may find yourself talking more, laughing, and thinking about something new. However, if you are experiencing increased stress and anxiety, it is recommended that you refrain from smoking this strain.

Purple Haze’s effects last for up to 5 hours and are quite strong, especially when taken in large amounts. Although this strain is very good at getting the user to focus, it does not have a pronounced “high” that may leave the consumer feeling stoned or groggy. Buy Buds Adelaide. This strain is perfect for those looking to stay productive while they smoke, and it can help you get a lot done in a short amount of time.


Purple Haze Marijuana has an unmistakable purple coloring, and the buds that are produced by this strain are medium to large in size. The leaves of these plants are long and have a very green color. The flowers of this strain grow in large clusters and have a spade-like shape. Weed Australia. These flowers are fluffy and soft and have a pointed tip.

Purple Haze’s nugs have a loose structure that is not as tight as other Sativa strains, so they can be very easy to break apart. The sticky trichomes that cover the buds provide the buds with a rich, flavorful taste when smoked.

The Indica influence of this strain makes it a perfect nighttime bud for relaxing and unwinding. Buy Buds Adelaide in the evening, this bud will put you in a sleepy mood, but in the morning, it will give you a jolt of energy to wake up.

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